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Visit Tahiti and the Society Islands for a once in a lifetime South Pacific vacation. Reachable by cruise or by air, the incredible archipelago is verdant, mysterious, and far removed from the pace of the modern world. Known for sailing, fishing, pearl diving, and spectacular SCUBA opportunities, French Polynesia is what ocean dreams are made of. Plan for enchanting cultural encounters, beautiful sunsets, exotic wildlife, and world-renowned surf as you explore this tropical island paradise.

First settled by Polynesians around 500 BC, Tahiti and the Society Islands are full of inspiring legends and intriguing archeological sites. Now part of French Polynesia, the remote island chain was first discovered by Europeans in the 16th century, and named by the infamous Captain James Cook. Much like qi or prana in other cultures, Polynesians believe in mana, a universal life force energy. It’s said to permeate the islands and travel through all living things – a uniting spirit that connects us all.

Embraced by Mana

Embraced by Mana: Chapter 1

Embraced by Mana: Chapter 2

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France (French Polynesia)

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Languages spoken

French and Tahitian are the primary languages but English is spoken in the tourist areas and resorts

Currency Used

CFP franc


Summer: November to April

Winter: May through October

Area (km2)

614 mi²


275,918 Inhabitants