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  • Every Wednesday there is a Travel Advisor webex presentation put on by Royal Caribbean that I try to attend when I can. For the past year, they would end the presentation with “We will be back”. This changed last week

  • Basel is famous for its museums. There are many which focus on art, from the Kunstmuseum which features the first collection of art accessible to the public to more recent art at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

  • Get ready for the good life! Pura Vida (which translates as pure life or the good life) is the ethos of Costa Rica. This central American country borders the Caribbean Sea on the east side and the Pacific Ocean on

  • Yellowstone National Park is the nation's oldest national park. It became a national park in 1872 and resides for the most part in Wyoming. There is a small portion (3%) that is in Montana and 1% of it is in