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Norwegian Prima

As cruise lines are starting to ramp up for the return to sailing this summer, I wanted to talk about Norwegian’s newest cruise ship which will be coming out in 2022. The ship is the Norwegian Prima.

This ship is the first of a new class of ships by Norwegian called the Prima class. They call it the best of the best. It holds 3,215 passengers and is 142,500 Gross Register Tonnage. A new ship in the Prima class will be announced each year through 2027.

One thing I have always struggled with when talking about Norwegian is talking about their identity. They were always somewhere between Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

With the new Prima class of ships, it looks like they are trying to cater to the more adult or mature travelers. I haven’t seen a go-cart track on this ship yet, or anything else that really screams kids, but there is still a lot that hasn’t been revealed about this ship as far as entertainment and activities. I expect at least one major amusement park type attraction and a kids camp.

This is an entirely new class of ship. Norwegian didn’t strip down another class of ship and redesigned it. Prima was designed from the ground up.

When you have your first view of the ship you will see artwork on the hull by Manuel di Rita, the graffiti artist known as Peeta. Each Norwegian ship has different artwork on its hull. This artwork is a sweeping panoramic piece that blends optical illusion with iconic sailing imagery and color schemes. The intent, and result is an image that seems to move as the ship does while altering the perception and perspective of those who are lucky enough to get to see it cutting through the waves in person.

What you will also see is an infinity pool. There are two of these, one on each side of the ship. The pools feature panoramic views of the roaring waves. The pools are in an area knows as Infinity Beach. Each Infinity Beach area is equipped with an array of lounge chairs and cozy daybeds with sweeping ocean views, all of which are almost begging you to sink in for a peaceful nap in the sun.


If you want an experience to take your breath away (and if you are afraid of heights, it may literally take your breath away) there is the Oceanwalk. These twin bridges, one on the Port and one on the Starboard side of the ship, are wrapped top to bottom and side to side in glass. When you take a stroll you are walking over the ocean itself, peering down at the waves from your own safe perch high above.

The next area of the ship is called Ocean Boulevard. Fully encircling Deck 8 of the ship and taking up 44,000 square feet, this is the most outdoor deck space of any new ship. You will find rows of plush loungers and daybeds overlooking the crystal clear water.

On Ocean Boulevard you will also find The Concourse. This is a central portion of Ocean Boulevard featuring a state-of-the-art sculpture garden, with works by Alexander Krivosheiw. Guests will feel dwarfed by towering and striking metallic sculptures, amidst green spaces for taking in the views or snapping photos of an artistic experience at sea.

One other area of the Ocean Boulevard that I like is called La Terraza. This is a more subtle and tucked away area of Ocean Boulevard where guests can go find nooks fitted with cushy couches and seating with broad ocean panoramas to enjoy while sipping a drink or getting lost in a book.


Food is not in short supply on the ship. The closest thing to a buffet you will find is the Indulge Food Hall. A plentiful feast of foodie choices, loaded with eleven mini restaurant dining stations representing a range of global cuisines and a bit of something for any palate. Among the sampling of treats, meals, and temptations, guests can grab freshly-smoked meats, decadent tapas, and, of course, sweet delights, no matter the time of day.

The Local Bar & Grill feels intimately like a beachfront bar and grill. Guests will feel instantly at ease and ready to slip fully into vacation mode. The live music and beachy atmosphere of The Local offer a wonderful respite after an action-packed day on the ship or ashore, and the signature frozen cocktails and eclectic menu are a surefire hit to top it off.

If you like the beach atmosphere at The Local Bar & Grill, you will want to also check out Los Lobos. Los Lobos is a Norwegian favorite, blending traditional Mexican flavors with bold modern flair and techniques. Every dish is packed with flavor and comes with no better pairing than a signature Patron Barrel Select Anejo tequila.

For a formal dining experience, we have Onda by Scarpetta. Sister to the highly-acclaimed Scarpetta restaurant, and no less opulent or delectable when taken to sea, Onda is a masterpiece in both dining ambiance and spectacular courses. The perfect spot to marvel at striking design elements while sharing a bottle of wine and a long, delicious meal, Onda will have you hoping the night never ends.


The Haven Suites that are popular on Norwegian are back on the Prima. These are the best accommodations in Norwegian’s fleet. The Haven Suites are located at the back of the Prima and boast the most stunning views on board. There are private elevators to get to the suites.

There is also a private restaurant, the Haven Bar & Lounge, The Haven Sundeck, and the Outdoor Spa with a sauna and cold room. These are exclusive to those staying in The Haven Suites. You also get a personal concierge and 24-hour butler as well as a range of other perks like early embarkation and disembarkation.

Onboard are other levels of suites and cabins to meet every budget. To give you an idea of what is available by size, the smallest category stateroom is a Studio (one person) which is 95 square feet. An inside cabin with double occupancy runs between 160 to 255 square feet.

Oceanview cabins will be between 185 and 235 square feet and family Oceanview cabins will go to 360 feet.

A balcony room will run you between 230 to 360 square feet and the step-out balconies are between 45 and 100 square feet.

The largest accommodations which we spoke of above are the Haven Suites. The Haven Premier Owners Suite which holds up to 8 passengers is 2100 Square Feet and has a wraparound terrace of 830 Square Feet.


Prima will start sailing in the Summer of 2022. Its first voyages will be in Europe sailing around Amsterdam and Copenhagen. At the end of September, it will sail from London to New York.

Once in the United States, Prima will sail from New York, Galveston, Miami, and Port Canaveral through May of 2023.

In May 2023 Prima will head to Iceland and Norway and then over to London in August. It will stay in London and Northern Europe through September 2023.

If you are interested in learning more about the Prima or want to be one of the first to cruise on this new class of ships, contact me and I can make your arrangements.