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Idaho – The most boring state

Today I am going to focus on something a little different in my newsletter, America’s most boring state…or so I thought!

A couple of times over the years my wife has expressed taking a vacation to Idaho, and I would think that you can’t go anywhere more boring than that. Then I started looking into Idaho and you would be surprised at some of the things they have to offer.

Before you go, you probably want to have some sort of accommodations lined up. There are plenty of hotels and a few resorts, but there are two places to stay that will require reservations ahead of time because they only have one guest room. In Boise there is the Big Idaho Potato Hotel. This is actually a replica of a potato with a room inside it. This potato was commissioned by the state’s Potato Commission to be a marketing ploy where it would go on a year-round tour. In 2019, after seven years of touring, it was finally retired and purchased by a home builder who turned it into a hotel.

The second place I found is a B&B in Cottonwood called the Dog Bark Inn. This is a one-bedroom apartment for visiting guests. The B&B is in the shape of a beagle and stands over 30 feet tall. The B&B is owned by Dennis Sullivan and his wife. Dennis is a chainsaw artist who specializes in folk-art style wooden canine carvings.

Once you have yourself settled in, you’ll want to get out and check out the sights, right? Maybe start with something with a little history behind it like a ghost town? There are over 25 ghost towns that you can visit in Idaho. Some ghost towns are tourist attractions with museums or fixed up houses/buildings you can go in, some are just a building or two that are in the process of falling down.

While on the subject of ghost towns, don’t forget to visit Idaho City while you are there. This is a former gold mining town that had over $250 million dollars’ worth of gold mined from it during its day. Now a tourist town, Idaho City features a museum, some shops, a jailhouse, and other buildings from the 1860’s.

After submersing yourself in the history of the ghost towns, why not head over to the Center of the Universe…AKA Wallace, Idaho. Wallace was declared the Center of the Universe in 2004 under the theory of probabilism: If you cannot prove that Wallace is not the Center of the Universe, then it must be the Center of the Universe. Every building in historic downtown Wallace is on the National Registry of Historic Places. This was done to prevent the town from being demolished to make way for an interstate highway.

There are lots of other things to do in Idaho as well. There is no shortage of mines that you can visit or museums.

If you are into active sports, there are activities such as white-water rafting, canoeing, hiking and fishing available during the summer months. You can go horseback riding year-round. In the winter you can even go skiing in the mountains. And if you are like me and love to camp, there are some of the darkest skies you could find yourself camping under. You’ll feel like you can just reach out and touch the stars.

Lastly, if you just want a relaxing vacation with the family, there are resorts you can check into. You can relax while the kids go to a theme park, or play in the kid’s area of the resort. At least one resort I was looking at is built right on top of hot springs, so you can even go in December, go skiing then come back and warm up in the springs outside.

I’m really impressed by how much there is to do in Idaho and may even be looking at putting together a group tour for next summer. If this is something you are interested in, please email me so I can get an idea of how much interest there is.