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Financing your Cruise

Yesterday I was talking to a member of the Chamber of Commerce at our monthly Nothing But Networking luncheon.During our conversation we had a brief talk about the benefits of financing over paying for your cruise outright.

I’ll start by saying that as the travel agent, I make a commission on the cruise. That is how I get paid.On just about every trip, I don’t get paid until after the cruise sails, so whether you make payments or pay everything up front doesn’t do anything for me either way.

Now let’s say Jack and Jane are looking at taking a cruise in April 2020.If they finance the cruise they have to pay their deposit now and then make the final payment by mid-January.They have all the money to make the total payment now…do they do it or spread it out?

Financing Decision

Oh, and right now the cruise line is having a special where if they book their cruise today, they will get 1/2 off the second person. Note I said “Book” their cruise, they don’t have to pay the entire amount today.

Jack says that he has the money and just wants to pay for the trip.He is getting a great deal as his wife will get ½ off her price which makes taking the kids a little easier.He goes ahead and books it and gets the special and is now ready to go on the cruise.

Now comes Jane.She too has the money to make the entire payment but she wants to make payments so that she isn’t putting out all that money at one time.She books the cruise for her, her husband and their two children and gets the same price as Jack got.Now she will make payments until January when the cruise is paid off.

That is all well and good, excellent actually because they both have payments that they are happy with.But what neither of them realize is that 2 months from now, there is going to be an even better special than what they booked their cruise under today.The cruise line is going to go all out and offer 1/2 off the second guest but also offer a kids sail free offer on top of that…and maybe an extra $100 stateroom credit to sweeten the deal.

This is where having a travel agent makes sense because we know that this deal is now available.Sadly however, once you make final payment on your cruise you can’t qualify for any new offers.So Jack has his cruise paid for and that is the end of his story.Jane, however, gets a phone call from her travel agent telling her that the price of her cruise just dropped by $500 because she was able to get in under the new promotion.

So next time you are booking a cruise, give me a call and we can make sure that you do extend your payments out as far as possible to take advantage of any offers that come up that the travel agent has access to.

Sandals Resorts

Some of you may be going to Sandals or Beaches in the next few months so I wanted to share this email with you from Sandals Senior Vice President of Sales Gary C. Sadler, CO.

Dear Valued Sandals Travel Partner,

As you know, this weekend Hurricane Dorian descended upon some of our neighboring Islands of The Bahamas. We are grateful that our resorts—Sandals Royal Bahamian, Sandals Emerald Bay and Fowl Cay Resort—were far from the path of the storm and completely unaffected.

Should you have clients traveling to any of our resorts within The Bahamas, rest assured our resorts are open, fully operational, and we look forward to welcoming your guests to the Five-Star Luxury Included® vacation experience they’ve come to know and love. It’s important to convey that The Bahamas are an archipelago made up of 700+ unique islands spanning over 100,000 square miles and the majority of these islands were not impacted by the storm and remain ready to welcome visitors. Tourism is at the heart of this destination and that will go far to help fuel the continued success of the region.

The outpouring of emails, social posts, texts and phone messages over the last several days has been unwavering. Our hearts and thoughts go out to these local communities particularly in The Abacos and Grand Bahama Island. We know that hospitality has no bounds and as professionals in the travel industry, we heed the call to assist in any way we can.

So many of you have asked how you and your clients can help. Through our philanthropic arm, The Sandals Foundation, we have set up a Hurricane Relief Fund. 100% of every dollar donated will go towards relief efforts to communities impacted in Northern Bahamas.

Please visit https://sandalsfoundation.org/donation and select ‘Disaster Relief’ to make your online contribution. Funds collected will be used to support first responder relief supplies including water, non-perishable canned goods, blankets, first aid kits, flashlights and batteries, small radios and more.

As we look ahead, the days are bright and we will continue to keep you, our valued travel partners, informed of our efforts to support our Northern Bahamian neighbors. Together, we can play our part to make #BahamasStrong again!

Thanking you, as always, for your continued support.



Gary C. Sadler, CO.