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Unfortunately, we are in a time where the cruise industry is suffering and has to make some real changes that are going to cause it to look like they are going under. A few smaller cruise lines have closed their

A couple of times over the years my wife has expressed taking a vacation to Idaho, and I would think that you can’t go anywhere more boring than that. Then I started looking into Idaho and you would be surprised

Traveling by rail offers a lot of benefits as opposed to travelling by car. The biggest advantage is that you can just kick back and enjoy the ride. You don’t need to worry about stopping for gas, stopping to eat,

As we start out with the 4th of July weekend, I thought it would be nice to explore some of our history this week. And what better place to do that than Philadelphia, PA.

Aulani is Disney’s resort situated in Ko Olina on the western shore of O’ahu. Unlike when you go to the theme parks or on a Disney cruise, when you get to Aulani don’t expect to be bombarded by everything Disney.

A few weeks ago I put in a newsletter some links to a few places that were having virtual tours. Today I want to take that just a little further for those of you who can’t or aren’t ready to

Theme parks are a traditional summer time activity for many people but with Covid-19 the rules are different this year from what they have been. Here are some of the things to expect if you are planning on visiting theme

Yesterday I was talking to a member of the Chamber of Commerce at our monthly Nothing But Networking luncheon.During our conversation we had a brief talk about the benefits of financing over paying for your cruise outright. I’ll start by saying