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Accessibility & Autism

Inclusive Tourism for Every Ability

Open up a world of possibilities with travel packages tailored to guests with accessibility requirements and special needs.

AT TDJ Travel, we believe in the transformative power of travel, and strive to ensure that amazing places and experiences are accessible to all. If a member of your party has limited mobility or a mental or physical disability, we’ll work closely with hospitality staff and service providers to determine the level of accessibility available at each property and on every mode of transportation. We’re here to learn your needs and communicate them as clearly and effectively as possible, so your trip is totally seamless from start to finish. 

Transportation & Mobility Equipment

Travel in comfort while we coordinate with airlines, cruise ships, and ground transportation providers to ensure each mode of transport is accessible and staff is ready to assist you in any way that they can. Bring your own mobility equipment, or let us coordinate scooters, wheelchairs, or anything else you may need upon arrival.

Accessible Accommodations & Amenities

Book with confidence knowing our team is working behind the scenes to verify accessibility of hotel rooms, cruise ship cabins, and amenities. We triple check door dimensions, shower formats, and accessible infrastructure from the dining room to the pool so you don’t have to. We’re here to remove barriers to adventure and assure your experience runs smoothly.

Activities, Tours & Independent Sightseeing

Call on us when booking resort vacations, cruises, or land based tours for your multi-generational family or travelers with special needs. We’ll recommend activities and on-shore outings that fit your taste and travel style, and include and engage your entire group. We coordinate tours and transportation with thoughtful providers who want to fulfill your bucket list as much as we do. 

Autism & Accessible Travel Specialist

Trusted Travel Agent for Inclusive Vacations and Families with Special Needs

Tony DeNicola is a caring and dedicated travel professional with specialized training and certifications in Accessibility Travel (CLIA) and Autism Travel (IBCCES). He’s dedicated to understanding your needs, and making sure that every aspect of your vacation is planned perfectly. From procuring comforting stuffies and noise cancelling headphones for a child with autism, to arranging for a staff member to assist with luggage, a successful trip is all in the details.