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Trip insurance is one of those extra expense type things. If you purchased it and don’t use it then you may feel it’s a waste of money, if you don’t purchase it and something happens then you kick yourself for

Unfortunately, we are in a time where the cruise industry is suffering and has to make some real changes that are going to cause it to look like they are going under. A few smaller cruise lines have closed their

A couple of times over the years my wife has expressed taking a vacation to Idaho, and I would think that you can’t go anywhere more boring than that. Then I started looking into Idaho and you would be surprised

Traveling by rail offers a lot of benefits as opposed to travelling by car. The biggest advantage is that you can just kick back and enjoy the ride. You don’t need to worry about stopping for gas, stopping to eat,

As we start out with the 4th of July weekend, I thought it would be nice to explore some of our history this week. And what better place to do that than Philadelphia, PA.